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The dispensing device GALVAMIX MINI.01

The construction of the device GALVAMIX MINI.01 is the same as for the device GALVAMIX PG.01. The only differences to find are in size and performance.

Technical specifications

Performance 0 up to 500 g/min
Water consumption cca 10 l / min
Reservoir capacity 30 l
Dose deviation up to 2,5%
Power input 0.35 kW
Voltage 230V, 50Hz
Coverage IP X4
Min. pressure of input water 2,5 bar
Max. pressure of input water 6 bar
Min. air pressure 4 bar


Set of dispensing Set of dispensing

(1) + (2) Set of dispensing (powder + liquid additives)

Peristaltic pumps Electro-pneumatic valves

(1) Peristaltic pumps serve for dispensing liquid laundry agents; (2) Dispensing distribution via electro-pneumatic valves into four washing machines


(1) Waterworks on the left, water filter on the right; (2) Switchboard connection of GALVAMIX MINI

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