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The development of dosing devices GALVAMIX is being framed in accordance with current requirements on dosing of loose washing materials. The dosing device and its parts are projected with the use of information technology and efficient drawing programs. These procedures ensure reproducibility reaching high accuracy and guarantee production of good quality.


GALVAMIX dispensing devices are made of stain-steel material. They are resistant to treatment of chemically aggressive environment, which supports assumptions for long service life. Most parts of the dosing device are produces on an engine plant operated by computer techniques. High demands are claimed on accuracy of individual parts and components. For that reason they are produced mechanically, where all metal components of the dosing device are burnt with a laser beam. GALVAMIX dosing devices have gone through several development stages.


Precursors of the current device GALVAMIX PG.01 have been produced under brand names as: GALVAMIX SCH and GALVAMIX PG.

The dispensing device GALMAMIX PG.01 doses loose material on volumetric principle (quantity per period of time) according to your requests, up to its maximal performance 3000 g/min. Recommended performance is 2000 g/min. A dose of loose material is mixed with water and solution prepared this way is transported to place of destination you have determined. The whole process is controlled through the manufacturing computer with appropriate programs of dosing, which have been set.

The model GALVAMIX.PG.01 represents an innovated type of the dispensing device GALVAMIX PG. This new device has been adjusted in its construction for dosing of liquid detergents directly into the mixing tube. Due to this change no more installations of hose distribution system have to be done on the device. Regarding the GALVAMIX PG model, it was necessary to provide each of the washing machines with a set of peristaltic pumps. That is not required for the new model. For the model GALVAMIX PG.01, only one set of peristaltic pumps of liquid accessory chemicals is required to be installed for higher number of washing machines.

Catalogue of spare sparts is available to this product.

Technical specifications

Performance 0 - 3000 g/min
Water consumption cca 27 l / min
Reservoir capacity 150 l
Dose deviation up do 2,5%
Power input 1,5 kW
Voltage 230V, 50Hz
Coverage IP X4
Min. pressure of input water 2,5 bar
Max. pressure of input water 6 bar
Min. air pressure 4 bar
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