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About Ekogalva

Ekogalva company was established in 1996 by Jan Tonar and Frantisek Kudrna. Its headquarters is situated in Zdar nad Sazavou. The company was originally engaged in ecological activity: developing a unique technology on processing the dry galvanic cells (DGC).

Present & main activity

Nowadays the company is first of all engaged in production and installation of devices in the sphere of manufactured washing, concerning mainly devices determined for dosing loose water-soluble or water-miscible materials, especially for dosing laundry agents.

Further activity

Furthermore Ekogalva company prepares and realizes project on dosing laundry detergents in the area of high-capacity laundries and also installs dosing systems of liquid materials, whereas dosing is provided through peristaltic pumps.

Full automation in laundries

Full automation of a laundry includes replacement of the control computer of the continuous laundry line (tunnels) as well as storage of all activities (consumption of laundry detergents, power consumption, utilization of laundry lines, utilization of ironing) into the databases. Innovation in the process is wash weighing on the intake conveyer of the laundry line.

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